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The Impact of Financial Technology Innovations on the Development of Accounting Measurement to Enhance Capital Markets to Reduce Tax Avoidance When Dealing With the Electronic Tax System."an Empirical Study"

Nabil Abd El-Raouf Ebrahim, Vice of Dean Higher Institute of Computers and Information Technology, Egypt - Cairo


Many countries of the world have turned to the use of financial technology in advanced economies, as this trend imposed by the fourth technology revolution that the world has known in recent years has allowed to improve the quality of financial services provided to the public of customers, reduce their cost, and provide them to the class of customers that were previously financially excluded. FinTech applications have replaced the human factor in financial institutions and financial systems in general, from managing financial risks, providing financial services to clients, and other tasks that require processing a huge amount of information and data, in a way that enhances the role played by financial technology innovations in Preparing and presenting the financial statements of companies providing these services quickly and with high accuracy in accordance with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), in a way that contributes to reducing financial corruption and audit failures, and limits tax avoidance, and that financial technology innovations lead to adaptation with electronic tax systems, and the researcher prepared An applied study on a sample of financial technology companies, and it became clear to the researcher the existence of a set of challenges represented in accounting and tax problems, the researcher provided solutions to them, and the researcher prepared a field study on the same sample, and it was found from the statistical study, the rejection of the study’s hypotheses and therefore there are no differences between the categories The study was based on the outputs of the SPSS program, Chi-Square, and the study ended with a set of results and recommendations.


Financial technology, tax avoidance, accounting measurement.

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